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We started American Made Matters in 2009 after experiencing the heart-wrenching and painful downsizing of our American employees who lost their jobs through no fault of theirs.

They worked hard and made great products, but China and other nations were provided unlimited access to the United States market which was the largest and most affluent in the world and their selling prices were less than our cost to make it with American labor. Many middle-class jobs were lost because our government did not protect these jobs and thought that US businesses would just invent stuff and leave the dirty work of making it to other countries. Some blamed greedy retailers or manufacturers who wanted more money. Well, American Made Matters was founded by manufacturers in 2009 who were willing to sacrifice their money and retirement funds to stay true to their heritage and their co-workers. We made shirts and ties and pants and hats in the USA and wanted to keep these jobs here. In 2009 and since, businessman Donald Trump’s apparel lines have been produced in Asian and Mexican factories. Trump the businessman claimed that he could not find these products made in America.

Today we salute the words of President Donald J. Trump during his Inauguration Speech and hope that he will do what businessman Trump did not do, “BUY AMERICAN AND HIRE AMERICANS.” Let’s give our new president all of the support he needs to bring jobs back. He also said that “WHEN AMERICA IS UNITED, AMERICA IS UNSTOPPABLE.” American Made Matters today as it did when we launched in 2009 and together we will build a better future!

-Founder Don Rongione