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Why Buying American-Made is Important 

Made in…?

Made in China. Made in Taiwan. Made in Japan. How often have you seen these words on the bottom of one of your products?  Contrary to popular belief, not buying American-made products has the potential to really hurt the economy.  Just because it is not readily visible does not mean that it is not happening. That just bears one question: What benefits can one have from buying American-made products?

The first reason is that buying things from America means that you are in fact supporting the American economy.  Economy refers to more than just the obvious monetary benefit of keeping the money within the country; however, this is very important to understand.  When you buy from an American company, you are putting your American money back into the hands of another American.  Think of it as a recycling of funds.  Putting it back into American hands gives that business the ability to be more profitable and charitable to his or her community.

When your community does well, then you will do well.   When you buy from a foreign country, the money leaves America, so it can no longer be used locally and to better our communities.  Essentially, buying American-made means that you are investing in your own local government and communities.  Some argue that outsourcing to foreign companies is less expensive and saves money. However, once you realize that buying products and services in the States means that the money is recycled back into the U.S. economy, then it is simple to see why buying American made products really benefits us here at home.

Need more reasons to buy products bearing the made in USA logo?

More Jobs

Another reason to buy American is that buying “in-house” also means that you are helping to create more jobs right here in the U.S.  It all goes back to the idea of supply and demand.  If we as citizens have a demand for more American-made products, then the only logical solution is for local companies to supply it.  In order to have a supply, someone has to do the work.   Therefore, more people will get hired to perform the work needed to give the people what they want.

Simple economics.

To exemplify this point further, ABC World News has said that if every American spent only about $3.35 more in American-made products each calendar year, almost 10,000 new jobs would be created.  That’s 10,000 more people that would have the opportunity to provide for their families each year just by spending a mere $3.35 on US-made products.

The choice lies with us. Americans are the world’s largest consumers. We don’t have to rely on the government to make changes. The choice is ours. Will you look for the made in USA label next time you are shopping? More importantly, will you choose the American made product?

Human Rights

A third major benefit to buying items that are made in America is the support of basic human rights.  It is known that many areas of the world have not quite gotten up to speed with favorable working conditions, and they still have companies that force their employees to work for countless hours, utilize children, and don’t pay fair wages.  When you buy something that is made in the USA, you can be sure that you are helping to profit a system that is well-versed in abiding by laws and codes that promote safe working conditions.


Being more environmentally conscious is yet another reason to buy products that were created in the states.  Essentially, when we receive something that is from China, for example, the materials start here in the United States, get shipped to China for manufacturing, and then get returned back to the States for sales and distribution.  Imagine how much oil and gas emissions are being used throughout this entire process.

American manufacturers have to abide by strict rules with regards to not over pollute the air.

Some of our foreign counterparts do not have such regulations.  Also, think of the packaging that has to be used when shipping things to a foreign country.  Excess cartons, containers, and plastics have to be added to protect the products from being damaged during transport.  When you buy a product in the states, that problem is greatly reduced if not eliminated altogether.

America’s Safety

Promoting the idea of democracy is a formidable reason to buy items made in the U.S.  Many countries that we do business with do not appreciate the idea of “By the people, for the people.”  By spending your American dollars to aid a country that does not support our ideals, you are helping to fill the pockets of those that may quickly turn their backs on us if some type of conflict erupted.  We hope this does not happen, but being dependent on other countries to provide our goods is not good should a major conflict arise.

To sum it up, buying American-made products is crucial if we have any hope of stimulating the economy and keeping our American brothers and sisters out of poverty.  The creation of jobs, recycling of money, promotion of democracy and human rights, and the ability to save the environment are all important reasons to keep your money in the States.

So, does this change your level of consumer engagement? Will you be more vigilant with your purchasing decisions?