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Why Buying American Saves

Buying American Keeps Our Planet Clean

When we hear businesses or politicians talking about the importance of buying American, it is hard not to think about the decisions we make on a daily basis as consumers. At the end of the day, we all have a responsibility to our nation and our fellow Americans to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep our country in good condition. And that does not only mean celebrating and supporting our nation on holidays or major events, but with our everyday decisions. And some of those decisions involve the items we purchase, whether it is food, clothing, cars or other products.

Questions, questions, questions…

Even with all the information out there about the importance of buying American, we often get questions about why it matters whether a product is made in the United States, China or any other nation in the world. The answer to the question is simple: if you are serious about supporting your fellow citizens, whether they live in your city and state, or in another part of the country, you would want to do everything possible to strengthen the United States economy.

American Made Helps Save the Planet

The great thing about buying American is that the benefit is not only felt financially. Yes, you are supporting American workers, which means more of your fellow Americans are getting hired and earning a living wage. You are also supporting the companies that hire Americans and produce their products within our borders. But one thing we often forget is that we are also supporting our environment. When you buy American, you are helping the world remain a cleaner and safer place for our future generations.

When you purchase something that is partially or fully manufactured in another part of the world, and then shipped to the United States, you are part of a system where so much petroleum and other energy is used during the transportation process. The amount of petroleum that goes into pushing out products from other countries to the United States is significantly more than what it would cost to move products from Idaho to New York, as an example.

Healthy Regulation

In addition, American companies have to abide by our environmental laws, rules and regulations. These laws often involve carbon emissions and other environmental impacts made during the production cycle. But when products are manufactured in China, Bangladesh or other parts of the world, those regulations are not necessarily in effect. Pollution into the air or water, as examples, certainly have negative impacts on our planet.

American Made Matters

American products are manufactured safely, in cooperation with environmental laws and they comply with other standards put forward by our government. And in addition to helping the environment, when you purchase something made in the United States, you are also supporting safe, humane and healthy working conditions for those people who work hard to produce the products you consume. Would you want to buy something that was made by an underage worker earning a few cents an hour in horrible conditions? Would you want to buy something that came out of a factory that is pummeling our Earth with insane amounts of pollution and other toxic chemicals? If supporting American workers is not enough to get you to buy American, you may want to think about the environment the next time you buy an “American” product that was made outside our borders.