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How to find and buy made in USA products

Easy Ways To Find and Buy Made in USA Products

One of our earliest positive experiences as children is when we turn to our parents or teachers and say, “Look what I did!” or “Look what I can do!” From that moment on, one of our greatest drives is to do things ourselves. In fact, the “can-do” spirit has come be one of the defining American qualities. 

That same can-do spirit isn’t just found in what we make, but also in our willingness to buy domestic products. And with an international trade deficit that has been growing steadily since 2009 (as of April 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports it at just over $37 billion), it’s time for a little more spirit.  

And why? It’s about more than just pride or patriotism, reducing the trade deficit impacts the economic health of the country, the number and quality of job opportunities for Americans, and even our national security.

Best of all, buying made in USA is easy to do. How easy? We’re glad you asked. Below are four simple, nigh-painless ways that you can buy American—and become a better-informed consumer in the process.

Check The Tag

Made in USA label

From ball caps to blouses, when buying clothes, the tag tells all. Those hieroglyphics aren’t just there to scratch the back of your neck. Aside from telling you how to care for it, the tag tells you where the product was made.



Ask The Salesperson

Ask Questions about Made in USA products

What if you check the tag and do not find any Made in USA products? Ask a salesperson to point you to the store’s Made In The USA section. And, if the store either doesn’t have one or the salesperson is unable to help you locate any made in USA products, kindly tell them the made in USA label is important to you and leave the store without purchasing anything.

Retailers not only take note of what customers buy but also what they want to be able to buy. If more consumers follow through with demanding made in USA products, more stores would begin to supply them.


Thank Them For Their Service

Made in USA service providers

For this next call to action, we remind you that buying items bearing the words made in USA isn’t just about stuff but services.

Whether it’s that eatery in your neighborhood or that dry cleaner on the corner, local businesses are run by local people. And those local people are recycling money back into your community. In many cases, these local businesses will also hire local people.

Their pay, just like yours and mine, invigorates the domestic economy through taxes, charitable donations, and goods and services (so long as they, too, are buying made in USA products).

Google It

Google Made in USA productsIn a few keystrokes, you can be staring at a plethora of sites dedicated to helping you find products made in USA. Maybe that’s how you found us. We’re glad you’re here.

But, as Abraham Lincoln said, “Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet.” (see what we did there?). If you ever have questions, be sure to ask them.

Consumer Reports are a great resource. These guys live for testing stuff and telling you all about it. Check out their Made in USA issues to find out which products are genuinely made in America as well as which are the best of the best. What’s more, they’ve been based in Yonkers, NY since 1936.