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American Made Jobs

American Made: How to Bring Jobs Back

The United States has lost a number of manufacturing jobs over the past decade. In fact, statistics show a total of almost five million jobs have been lost in the United States manufacturing industry since 2000. It is one of the reasons why bringing jobs back to the USA has become such an important role for the nation’s government and its major companies. They are both on the same page in the sense that they recognize the American working and middle class will continue to suffer if jobs are not brought back to the country.

How to Go About Bringing Jobs Back to the USA

There are plenty of companies that hire American workers and produce items in the United States. We must support those businesses. However, there are also a large number of companies that find it financially profitable to move factories elsewhere, instead of reinforcing their position within the United States.

If more Americans demand American made products, retailers would stock them, which would result in an increase of American manufacturing. American made products are generally of better quality and provide American men and women the opportunity to pursue their American dream. Getting more, quality jobs for our people is critically important. Will you take the time to check the label and make the choice to buy American made products? Will you be a job creator?

If we spent just 5% more on American made products, we would create 1,000,000 American jobs!

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Upward Trend –

Some experts already believe American manufacturing will see an upward trend in 2017 and beyond. They estimate production is going to grow by around 3 percent in both 2017 and 2018. Both increased productivity and the advent of new technologies should help American manufacturers as they look to compete with those from other parts of the world. For instance, 3D printing is a new technology that will revolutionize the way certain products are made.

Another sign of a positive manufacturing trend is the price of gas. With natural gas and shade oil being produced within the United States at a higher rate than before, the price of these items will go down, which ensures other manufacturers have a lower cost when they are producing items within the United States. In addition, the production of natural gas within the country will also create more jobs on its own.

Finally, the research concludes that the upward trend of manufacturing in the United States is also taking place because consumers are more aware of the importance of buying American. It is becoming more important for people to find the American made options. People are asking businesses if they carry Made in USA products. We must continue this and continue demanding products made here in the United States.

Some companies that have been and will continue to produce items within the United States have been noticing increased sales, as more consumers are looking to study where items are being manufactured before they decide what to purchase. Certain companies have already been working on bringing jobs back to the USA, and there is a hope that others will join them in the coming years.