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An article entitled “Textile Makers in Midst of Production Evolution appeared on page one of Women’s Wear Daily on July 31, 2015. It began by saying “The global sourcing world is spinning faster and coming back closer to home.” Further, it stated, “The Made in America textile and apparel revival that began as an interesting topic of conversation a few years ago has become an industrial movement. Companies said they were experiencing strong growth and increased business from brands and retailers seeking the quick-turn, quality, and flexibility they offer.”

Six years ago on July 4, 2009, we launched American Made Mattes on seven pillars.

These pillars remain as relevant as they were in 2009. Each component – jobs, communities, safety (product and production), independence, security (of our country), economy (local and national), and environment is in a slightly to significantly better place now in part due to our efforts.

US manufacturing jobs have increased by 800,000 or 6.65% since 2009, according to Forbes.

We are hearing about more manufacturing start-ups each week as well as companies reshoring to the US across a wide sector of industries. The middle class can be rebuilt with a strong industrial base and there will be less people in need.

AT Kearney Reshoring Index

While we are happy to see this, there is much more to do! As consumers, we all have some power to move this along.

We created the following graphic as part of our educational efforts. Engaging our consumers at a higher level is our most powerful undertaking.

Where are you on your engagement as a consumer of US products?

How engaged are you? Do you put your money where your mouth is?

Our reach is expanding; our cause is worthy—please help us spread the word! Become an ambassador, repost our messages, and talk to your retailers!


Don Rongione
President and Founder