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The American Dream Matters

The American Dream Matters


Most Americans can trace their lineage back to a foreign ancestry. America’s settlers were poor families, adventurers and exiles, seeking a place where they could establish a better life. Millions from dozens of countries have come to America for the opportunity to find work and benefit from the fruits of their labor. They came to provide a better life for their families, an education for their children and to own a home. They came with hope and dreams and anything was possible. For generations, American men and women have worked for a better future. This is the American Dream.

Today, that promise of a better life is threatened. The loss of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs in the last ten years along with another 25 million supporting jobs is taking away the opportunities and promise of America. Brian Hella, CEO of National Semiconductor, said “There is a gold rush taking place in China. It’s a major opportunity, and it’s a major threat if we blow it. And we are blowing it-big time. The great American Dream appears to be moving to Shanghai.”1

American manufacturing businesses have been especially hard hit. 40,000 US manufacturing plants closed their doors in 2008 alone, putting hundreds of thousands of hard working men and women in the unemployment line. Cheaply manufactured goods coming from foreign countries aren’t helping the US economy. Buying products which will not last long, will require more energy to transport to market, will offer less reliability and safety, while sending our jobs and wealth elsewhere is a losing proposition for consumers and the future of America.

In the book “Manufacturing a Better Future for America,” Ron Hira, the assistant professor of public policy at Rochester Institute of Technology writes, “the United States cannot sustain itself with a finance or service-based economy. Manufacturing is the only way of assuring a better future for America.”2

By supporting American made products, you’re supporting American jobs and companies, and keeping our jobs in our country. Americans have always cherished the right to work for a living, to pursue the same American dream as our ancestors. The US economic demand is more than 20% of the world’s total while or consumers account for nearly30% of the world’s consumer spending power. This gives us great economic power.  Americans must use this power by favoring American made products.  Buy American made products and restore the American dream!

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