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Our Security Matters

Our Security Matters

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To protect its citizens, a government must be able to clothe and equip its military. “The Pentagon is growing increasingly worried about the  shift of production capacity offshore, the rise of global supply chains and the movement of research and development to countries that are considered to be potential adversaries. Those working deep in the military complex – the contracting officers having to deal with companies using counterfeit components or who can’t find American companies to manufacture worn-out parts – are especially worried about the health of the US industrial base. These defense contracting officials view the Pentagon’s response to global economic challenges as being inadequate to the crisis at hand. Even more alarming is the demise of the American automobile industry and its impact on the defense industrial base, let alone the loss of a huge tax revenue stream that is necessary to maintain a strong military with more than 700 bases worldwide.”1

In his article “Globalization and National Security,” James A. Lewis talks about how the US is becoming increasingly dependent on other countries for technological innovations, and how it can become a national security risk. “…Technological leveling and interdependence give opponents new opportunities to seek asymmetric advantages. The emphasis is to avoid direct engagement with military forces. Civilian and economic infrastructures are soft targets that are more vulnerable to asymmetric attack.”

In a documentary episode of CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Jim Gosslar, one of the “Fathers of Cyber War,” stated that most commercial computer chips and processors are now made abroad, overseas, and that there are concerns that foreign governments could tamper with them. “We have found micro electronics that have been embedded in applications that shouldn’t be there, and it’s very clear that a foreign intelligence service put them there.”

To protect our freedom, America must be able to create nuclear warheads, fighter plane drones, and stealth bombers but also to make a hat, battle fatigues or a pair of boots. The best way to restore our economy and keep the country safe from foreign threats is to bring research & development, engineering and manufacturing back to US shores. You can help our security by supporting American made products and businesses.

1 McCormack, Richard, (2009) The Plight of American Manufacturing.  In R. McCormack, Manufacturing a Better Future for America (pg. 52)

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