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With a new campaign called “America is for the Makers,” New Balance hopes to appeal to consumers who share a passion for supporting our country while creating awareness for buying American made goods. 

When you walk into a shoe store, you may not be thinking about where the shoes are made, but New Balance’s campaign is designed to get consumers to do just that. The power in the campaign is not only saying that their products are made in the US, but getting the consumer to ask oneself, “Where are the other brands making their shoes?”

New Balance is using Made in America to differentiate their brand, setting them apart from other shoe makers.  Competing brands like Nike and Adidas are simply unable to use their manufacturing heritage as a marketing strategy. On the contrary, New Balance takes pride in its American manufacturing tradition and is now using that as a marketing tool.

In an industry where most manufacturing has been moved over seas, New Balance continues to employ Americans and provide a strong national culture that the other brands cannot match.  It all comes down to two key points; manufacturing products in the United States creates jobs, and strengthens our economy.

“Made in America” is a proud claim.  It is a declaration of quality, ingenuity,  hard work, and craftsmanship.   Developing a marketing campaign that can capitalize on the Made-in-America theme, will set New Balance apart from their competition and draw attention to their strong American manufacturing heritage.

New Balance Launches New Ad Campaign to Focus on its U.S. Manufacturing Heritage