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Trends and Challenges of Moms Buying American Made Products

Many Americans, particularly mothers, are choosing to pursue an American-made way of life. They care about foreign child labor, the environment, and American jobs. Many of them have very strong feelings about American pride, trying to buy nothing but American-made products for their families. The assumption is that it can’t be that hard to buy American alone, but we know that moms care about buying American made products.

Unfortunately, many moms find that it’s harder than expected. Some moms aren’t prepared for the blurred lines and sense of confusion they experience when simply trying to choose basic household items. With a little extra time, however, most moms can find basic necessities and gifts that are American-made., an American label company that provides moms with an array of products to keep track of their children’s belongings, recognizes this trend and the associated challenges many moms face. They have built their company on the quality and efficiency offered by American production with American moms in mind.

Household Items 

It might say “made in America,” but many moms struggle with the “domestic and imported parts” portion of the label. They don’t want to willingly contribute to foreign child labor and harsh working conditions. The question that arises is, if it’s partially American made, does that mean that purchasing it will help uplift the economy? It takes careful research to understand how factories are staffed and how their employees are treated, especially on foreign soil.


Food is one of the most important places for many moms to support locally-sourced goods. They like the idea of visiting a local farm to pick up fresh eggs, milk, and butter. During the spring, summer, and fall, fantastic fruits and vegetables fill the stalls of local farmers’ markets, where it’s possible to find gorgeous tomatoes, stunning zucchini, and beautiful flowers. These moms are also focused on finding local meat: chicken and beef to round out dinner every night should come from local farms whenever possible. They love the idea of putting together sandwiches made from fresh-baked bread that comes from a local bakery or farm.


It’s harder than many moms realize to find American-made clothing. It’s almost humorous at times: the Fourth of July clothing that cheers America the hardest is often made in Bangladesh, China, or Taiwan! Most of the time, consumers choose the least-expensive option when they’re looking for clothes, especially kids’ clothes that are intended just for a special day. Taking the time to check the tags before buying clothing, however, can help many families become more conscious of the companies they’re choosing to support. While finding American-made clothing can be a challenge, it’s worth doing a little extra research to learn who is making that clothing and where the raw materials come from in order to support a better global economy.


Gifts for moms who prefer to support American businesses can be a challenge. Many people, however, are realizing that the perfect gift is right at hand: hand-made goods that are specifically designed just for the person they’ll be given to. Mom necklaces, for example, are a big current trend. Hand-crafted and designed based on the individual mom’s family, these necklaces are the perfect gift for moms who want to support fair labor. Craft shows, Etsy shops, and local fairs are great places to locate the perfect gift for every American-supporting mom on your shopping list—or for those moms to find lovely gifts for everyone on their list.

Many moms across the nation enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes from finding true gems created by people within their own country. By buying these products, these moms know that they’re supporting the American economy, building American jobs, and helping to support families all across the nation. In fact, there are a large number of people who choose to buy only American-made. Other moms wish that they knew more about how to accomplish this feat.

Many organizations and websites have made it their mission to make it easier for discerning consumers to find American made goods. One noteworthy organization is American Made Matters, an organization made up of over 375 member and sponsor companies selling products made in the USA. By working together with American made retailers, patriotic organizations, and service providers who support their cause, eCommerce sites and retail shops can better convey the message that American made truly matters.

While it’s nearly impossible to buy everything a growing family needs from items that are made in the USA, many businesses are realizing that providing these products and including the American-made label are great way to reach more moms.

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