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Is ‘Made in America’ a Current Trend or an Uprising?

As we become more interconnected with other countries, cultures and ways of life, it can get easy for us as a nation to get wrapped up in all the cheap items we can purchase online or at large chain stores.

However, a quick glance at the “made in” labels on most inexpensive items will indicate they were made in countries such as Bangladesh, China, and Taiwan. And with the price tag also comes the poor manufacturing, substandard materials, and the inexperienced craftsmanship.

Now, more than ever, we as Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of promoting industry within their borders, which means buying American made goods whenever possible.

But why?

Is the Made in America surge only a fading trend, or is it truly an uprising?

With the public becoming increasingly aware of the need to buy American made goods, many companies are starting to reap the rewards of their domestic-only policy. For instance, the Filson brand produces dopp kits and hunting jackets, with all their manufacturing done in the United States. They have been operating in the same manner for close to 120 years, and they have been experiencing a ton of growth over the past few years. It appears customers are learning about Filson’s “American Made” tradition and showing their appreciation by purchasing more goods from the company.

And this company is not the only American business experiencing this growth.

American Made: Trend or Uprising?

According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association, or AAFA, there has been a noticeable rise in production of clothes and shoes made in the United States over the past few years. Their studies show around 510 million garments were made in the United States in 2013, which is up from around 35 percent from the 2009 figures, when only 380 million garments were made in the country. Companies are finding consumers receptive to American made items, especially due to the increase in quality materials when compared to other options on the market.



Social Responsibility

Even though there are tangible reasons for buying American made goods, such as the improved quality of the materials and workmanship, there are social and societal reasons as well. Many would argue Americans have a social responsibility to buy American made goods whenever the opportunities arise.

Not only are you supporting an American business each time you make such a purchase, but you are ensuring the American dream stays alive for small business owners throughout the nation.

These American-based factories, stores, and offices can only grow if Americans support them, which in turn supports and strengthens their local communities, and helps to stave off cheaper, low quality goods that come into the country from abroad.

When it comes to purchasing American-made items from American businesses, citizens are creating a climate of sustainability, and ultimately, growth. Every time an item is purchased that was made in another country, the buyer essentially is supporting the destabilization of not only their local economy – but the national economy, as well. It is for this reason that supporting American businesses has become so important. According to reports, this message is getting across to Americans all over the country.

At the end of the day, the American dream is not possible in isolation. “No man is an island,” as the saying goes, and it is certainly true where business is concerned. If Americans want to see a continued rise in small businesses, American manufacturing, and American-made products across the country, we must continue to show our support for American-made goods.

More Than a Trend – a Movement

It appears that the demand for American made products is on the rise. Consumers are now more mindful of the labels and are more actively looking for made in USA products.


It does not appear to be a trend, but this uprising must become something more to make its stay as the new status quo. It must become a movement in order to gain the momentum needed to farce a change that will last.

To many it may seem odd that American goods were at any time second-shelf – especially here in America. But the fact remains that the acceptance of low quality goods made by subpar materials that has plagued our country for so long is now on the decline. It appears Americans everywhere are demanding products that exceed their expectations. We want products that last. We want our quality back. We want American-Made again!

Help continue spreading awareness of our American Made Matters movement so others become more mindful of the label and buy American made products whenever possible. Remember, it does not have to be everything that we buy – spending only five percent more on American made goods would result in 1,000,000 American jobs.

What American made products will you buy today? Let us know!