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The Impact of Buying American on our Local Communities

We have all heard a great deal about the issues facing the American economy. There has been a growing awareness the past few years about the importance of buying American. But, does buying American made products make an impact? Let’s take look as we showcase the impact of buying American on local communities around the country.

The Weight of Consumer Decision Making

When a consumer decides on the type of product they want to buy, they are having much more of an influence than they would imagine. When you choose to buy an American made product over a foreign made counterpart, you are making a big impact. Stores are going to stock their shelves with products that sell. By consistently buying Made in the USA products you are sending a powerful message to retailers that there is a demand for these products and that you want to see more of these products on the shelves. Retailers with good business sense will carefully watch the current trends, and by seeing an increase in American made products being purchased, they are more likely to take steps towards acquiring even more American made products across all their departments.

More Than American Pride

When it comes down to it, buying an American product means money going into a company that hires American workers and keeps all the jobs associated with their company within the United States. That means when you buy American, you’re becoming a job creator. You’re helping to keep Americans working, which means you are keeping families fed and providing a way of life for people in a local community.

The more Americans that are working and earning money means that more money will be spent throughout their communities, which helps them thrive!

The Repercussions

As some businesses choose to outsource some of their departments, money is then not cycled back into that community. Unfortunately, some of our communities have not survived.

Sadly, in communities all over our great nation, you will find boarded up businesses. When money is being spent on goods that are produced outside of the United States, American companies that hire American workers are not able to thrive as they once did and ultimately, those companies are left with two choices – move their factories and offices overseas or close down.

These closed or relocated businesses have left Americans without jobs and as a result you can also find homes with those same boards on the windows. In those communities, the money left the community. It did not circulate. As time went by, the community went under.

American-Made Matters

So, the next time you are shopping, take just a couple of moments to look at the labels. Choose American made with every opportunity you can. If we spend just five percent more on made in USA products, we will create one million jobs!

When you buy locally made products, you are supporting Americans who live in the same city or state as you, and you are ensuring the economy in your area remains vibrant and strong.

Similarly, when buying manufactured goods such as cars, trucks, machinery, clothing, shoes or electronic appliances, it is up to American consumers to decide whether, in some instances, saving some money in the short-term is worth the long-term repercussions of giving preference to low quality items that are made in other countries. The American consumer has to decide whether they are willing to continue with the status quo of helping manufacturing and other jobs move overseas, or whether they are ready to show corporations how much “made in America” matters to them.

Does American made matter to you? Let us know!