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Jack King is the fourth generation owner of LCK_jack king
LC King Manufacturing, a garment manufacturing company with 45 employees, all based in the U.S. As the
great-grandson of LC King himself, Jack has been living and breathing American made his whole life.





Why does American made matter to you?

American made has never been a choice for us. We were born a century ago when American made wasn’t a special idea, it was just how you did things. Through the decades as we have watched countless others make the choice to move production offshore or to start a new business with offshore production, we have just never even considered it. Yes, there are always challenges and we will never be able to compete at the lowest possible price points, but those are challenges we have been dealing with for a long time….and will continue to deal with as we forge ahead through the next century.






What values drive your business decisions?

  • Seeking longevity over profit.
  • Supporting our very large family (some would call them employees) as they are part of our heritage and contemporary story.
  • Remembering that heritage and authenticity are something that we have earned…and never self proclaimed…and we have a duty to our customers’ expectations.





What advice would you give to a start-up business that plans to manufacture in the USA?

Choosing to manufacture in the USA is a great start, but it will never be as important as product quality, honest business practice, and letting your faith and passion be part of your products.


Do you have any future expansion plans?

Our goals are more about the “long game” and center around how we will sustain our brands, products lines, and heritage for another 100 years. If expansion can occur without negatively impacting our long plan….or weakening our very stable existence, then we welcome it….but are not actively seeking it.





Why did you join American Made Matters?

Being part of a community that enforces and informs the public about domestic production is a no-brainer for us. We are strong because we stand next to others who are strong. Together we will proclaim and walk the righteous path for all to see.


Want more from LC King Manufacturing & Design? Peek behind the scenes with their video on Pointer Brand, LC King Manufacturing‘s first line of clothing named by LC himself. You can find LC King Manufacturing & Design on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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