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The campaign for the next US president is heating up. As you consider who to support, consider candidates with tangible and specific manufacturing policy and strategies. A policy of creating manufacturing jobs should be backed with 1) support for training workers, 2) support for research and development, 3) incentives for companies to build and modernize plants and invest in machinery, and 4) standing up for US manufacturing by leveling the playing field with foreign trade partners. Leveling the playing field means penalties to countries who manipulate their currency, as well as dealing with those countries that incentivize exporters with tax rebates with duties or limited market access.

Talking tough means little. Acting strong will help restore our industrial strength and create family-sustaining jobs. President Obama promised 1 million new manufacturing jobs by the end of his current term. Recent estimates are that we may get to half that goal. You can draw your own conclusion on whether there has been sufficient effort from our government or other factors, but we all have the power to change the future with our purchases.

American Made Matters is not a political group. We don’t lobby. We have never endorsed a candidate. Our mission is to educate consumers. Americans do not have to rely on the government or our next president to create good manufacturing jobs; we still have tremendous economic clout! Using our power as consumers to demand more US-made products takes a little effort but will have tremendous impact. Understand where you are on this hierarchy:

Move up to the top tier by speaking out for American made products when you shop. Walk the talk! Teach your children! Let’s create fewer people in need here at home by creating American manufacturing jobs! We can change our future one purchase at a time. American Made Matters!

Don Rongione
President and Founder