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American Made Matters Day: A Call-to-Action for American Consumers

ADAMSTOWN, Pa., September 9, 2013 – American Made Matters®, an organization dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of buying American-made products, has declared November 19, 2013 the first annual American Made Matters® Day. On this day, American Made Matters® is encouraging consumers to buy at least one American-made product to show their support for American manufacturing. Additionally, the event will kick-off a movement encouraging Americans to buy products made in America throughout the upcoming holiday shopping season.

American Made Matters® has declared November 19th American Made Matters Day not just because of the positive impact that American manufacturing has on jobs, but also because of its effect on local communities, the U.S. economy, product safety, the environment and the future of America. Don Rongione, president and founder of American Made Matters®, says he hopes that this day will help to further the organization’s mission of strengthening the American dream.

Rongione emphasizes the importance of American manufacturing to the economy: “Investing in a product that is made in America is investing in our country’s future,” he said, adding that it does not take a big investment to make a big difference. In fact, American Made Matters® has reported that spending just five percent more on U.S.-made goods could create an additional one million jobs in the U.S.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that every $1 spent on American-made goods invests an additional $1.35 in the U.S. economy. Furthermore, according to the government’s Advanced Manufacturing Portal, one new manufacturing job creates 1.6 additional jobs in local service businesses. Jobs in high-tech manufacturing industries generate up to five local service jobs. This produces a ripple effect that leads to demand in other industries, such as technology, supply chain management and logistics.

“There are now more organizations dedicated to promoting American-made goods, making it easier than ever to identify nationally produced goods,” Rongione said. He added, “American Made Matters® alone has a list of nearly 200 member companies that use the American Made Matters® logo on at least some of their products.”

The Federal Trade Commission mandates that, in order to label a good as made in the U.S., all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Additionally, the law requires that U.S. content must be disclosed on automobiles and textile, wool, and fur products. American Made Matters® has two criteria for allowing its member organizations to use its label on goods: at least 50 percent of the product’s cost (labor, materials and overhead) must be incurred in the U.S., and its final assembly or transformation must take place in the U.S. “When you’re shopping, take an extra second to look at tags and labels,” Rongione suggested. “You may be surprised to find out where the products you buy are coming from, and also how easy it is to replace them with something U.S.-made.”

American Made Matters® member companies cover a variety of industries, including accessories and apparel, home goods, toys, and health and beauty products. “Despite the loss of many manufacturing sites in the U.S., there is still incredible diversity in the types of products made here,” Rongione said. “People are increasingly aware of the importance of supporting American industries. American Made Matters® also has several partner organizations that are committed to increasing awareness of the American-made movement.”

American Made Matters® Day is perfectly timed to set a patriotic tone for the holiday shopping season. If Americans dedicated just a small portion of their holiday shopping budget to buying American-made goods, it could have a very positive impact on our economy. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that the average American family spends $700 on holiday gifts; if just nine percent more of this was spent on American-made goods, 200,000 jobs could be added to the U.S. economy.

“It’s amazing that creating jobs can be as simple as looking at the country of origin tag on a product,” says Joy Petty, director of marketing, vacuums at Tacony Corporation, an American Made Matters® member company. “The power to strengthen the U.S. economy lies in millions of little decisions consumers make each day. By asking consumers to purchase one US-produced good on American Made Matters® Day, we’re hoping they will realize just how easy it is to do good for the economy.”

About American Made Matters®: American Made Matters® was launched on July 4, 2009 by the Bollman Hat Company, America’s oldest hat manufacturer. It is the only organization committed to promoting American-made goods that is run by manufacturers. It has nearly 200 member companies in a variety of sectors. For more information, visit, or like them on Facebook at