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A factory filled with heritage, American values and, apparently, ghosts that haunt the halls.

Nestled inside the quaint borough of Adamstown, PA is the Bollman Hat Company, America’s oldest hat factory. From its opening in 1868, the factory is home to the Bailey of Hollywood brand of high-quality headwear, with associations to Kangol and numerous other brands. Inside you’ll find American-made values, highly-tuned machinery and the skills that create a mainstay of American hats loved by the world over.

CEO Don Rongione gives us an exclusive tour of his factory, highlighting the fantastic processes that go into making some of America’s most revered hats. Don continues by pointing out his affinity towards the US-construction mission American Made Matters, giving us a brief history of the company, and even taking us into restricted areas where some of his crew have reported upon seeing the spirits of passed workers, still clocking into work to this very day.

— By Eddie Eng · HYPEBEAST TV