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Dear Friends of the American Made Movement,

The American Made movement continues to grow as evidenced by American Made Matters’ membership growth to 280 in 43 states. We are making a difference and our work must continue. To expand our reach, we will need more American Made Matters ambassadors.

While U.S. unemployment numbers have dropped from 9.4% to 6.3% (manufacturing unemployment alone dropping from 12.6% to 5.3%) (1)  in the last 5 years (2) , we cannot become complacent in our awareness that American made matters and we need to continue to look at what we buy and choose American made when possible.

China may surpass the USA as the world’s largest economy this year according to the World Bank’s International Comparison Project (3). The USA has held the top spot for more than 140 years. The loss of the number one position after so many years is a testament to our lost wealth which relates directly to our diminished manufacturing base, huge trade deficits and dependence on China for so much of our goods.

Americans are buying more U.S. made products (4). More American and foreign companies are beginning production in the U.S. and companies are returning some or all of their manufacturing to the U.S. Yet many still struggle to compete.

American Made Matters has lost some members who have gone out of business and others have found it difficult to survive.

An economy without a strong manufacturing base will struggle to retain its wealth and to create jobs and opportunities for a better future.  Loss of manufacturing means loss of independence, increased product safety concerns, weaker local communities and more citizens in need. We cannot rely on our government for the solution.  We take control of our future with each purchase.

As we approach our fifth anniversary on July 4th, we want to expand our reach. Join us on November 19, 2014 as we make American Made Matters Day a national event to educate Americans that purchasing U.S. made products strengthens the American dream.

We are looking for ambassadors who can devote some time to find a venue in their community and show our new video which will tell the many reasons why American Made Matters.  These events will not only raise awareness, but become a celebration of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of American Made.  We look to create events to include not just education but also food, music and the opportunity to buy American product and support local crafts makers and producers. Schools, libraries, community centers, factories, stores and social gathering places will be ideal venues. We will provide the press release, AMM branded materials to give away and AMM education literature. Our ambassadors will receive an AMM t-shirt, ball cap and Shaw pen. Please become an American Made Matters ambassador and help us extend our reach and impact. We can make an even larger impact and stop plant closures and protect and create jobs and opportunities. We can make a difference!

Don Rongione
Founder and President

American Made Matters®

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Don Rongione